The soothing scent of Melbourne’s best coffee, the freshest seasonal dishes, the quiet hum of conversation and discreet, attentive service. The café at Self Preservation has earned a reputation as one of the city’s most vibrant and relaxing spaces.


ALL MORNING  until 11.30am

Sourdough toast, with your choice of spread 8.5

Homemade raspberry jam, vegemite or honey GF bread available add 1

Fruit toast with citrus mascarpone   9.5

Gluten free fruit toast  10.5

Vanilla bean and star anise infused mixed grain, coconut milk Porridge served

with coconut yoghurt, poached apple, blackcurrant & almond flakes  12

Chia pudding with housemade granola, banana & passionfruit  10

Homemade granola, greek yoghurt with baked rhubarb 12

Avocado, feta cheese, pea tendrils & poached egg on sourdough   18

Potato Rosti served with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, red onion & chives  18

Poached egg   3

Caramelised leek, goat cheese & spinach omelette on sourdough  17

Spiced poached pear, pecan & citrus, vanilla mascarpone on Belgium waffles  15.5

 Spring baked beans, spicy tomato sauce on sourdough 16

Chorizo 4

Poached egg 3

Free range eggs on sourdough toast   9.50


Roasted tomatoes 5

Roasted mushrooms 5                                           

Bacon 6.5                                                                    

Smoked salmon 7.5                                                   

Sauteed chard and kale 4                                        

Avocado 5  

Additional spreads

Homemade raspberry jam  2

Vegemite  1

Honey   1

Homemade chilli jam   2

Homemade Vanilla cashew butter    3



Scones with jam and cream 5.5

Pastries  4.5 – 7.5

LUNCH specials 
11.30 – 3

Sandwiches  13
Daily Salad   16   served on week days only
Antipasto for one  17   served on week days only
Antipasto for two  22   served on week days only

Savoury tart served with a garden salad  16


 Mount zero marinated olives   7.5

Smoked almonds   7.5

Local and imported cheese served with fruit bread and quince paste.

Please ask staff for details  16/27/37


Grilled eggplant, garlic & chilli roasted tomatoes, tzatziki  18

& pine nuts

Grilled pear, prosciutto & blue cheese bruschetta  17

Chicken liver pate, crostini    with cornichons  17

Baked camembert, garlic & rosemary, garden salad  21

Pork & veal meatballs, pangrattato  18

Hummus, spiced lamb, sumac pickled onion,  parsley & pita bread   26

“ Cuca ” Sardines with watercress & grilled sourdough  18


Soup of the day   17

Pasta of the day    27

Mushroom Risotto with white truffle oil    27

Beef rendang, coconut rice    28

Free range chicken breast with warm mexican corn,  black bean,

Sour cream & cornbread  26

Crispy skinned Salmon, soba noodle & pickled ginger   31


Greens, chilli, lime and ginger   11

Rocket, pear, shaved parmesan & walnuts   9

Roasted potato, spicy tomato & jalapeno sauce, gruyere  11


Saturday to tuesday night, short menu available